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Bequia offers a plentitude of pristine crescent beaches. Adams Beach, Friendship Bay, Lower Bay, Princess Margaret Beach, Spring, Crescent, Ravine...some are easier to find than others - all part of the adventure!


 into a tropical bliss...

swimming, snorkeling, diving, hiking, dancing, OR doing NOTHING


Bequia is a magical island full of fun things to do and wonderful people. EXPLORE the quaint town of Port Elizabeth, the local vegetable markets, shops, bars and restaurants. HIKE trails to gorgeous vistas of the Caribbean Sea and islands beyond. Ready to cool off?  SWIM in the crystal clear warm water or better yet, snorkel and DIVE to discover the wonderful world below the water...

For lots more photos, check out the GALLERY page!

About Bequia

More things to do and links to them?

Wondering how to get here?

Be sure to check out the newly built nature trail to Princess Margaret Beach which offers a tropical picturesque walk along the waterfront ... or follow the Belmont Walkway about 5-8 minutes in the opposite direction directly into town. Also within minutes walk just below AQUA - the newly re-opened Plantation House Beach Bar, The Fig Tree and Mac’s Pizzeria.

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